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Restoration Projects

Water Out performs our services through:

  1. Response
  2. Documentation
  3. Communication

These three key points highlight how we've restored these properties and how we will work with you to restore your property.

Commercial Projects

Recording Studio Project

Due to a crack in the foundation of the exterior of the building a water intrusion occurred to this facility.

Water Loss Project

On the 3rd floor of the property a sprinkler line burst affecting the 3rd Floor, 2nd Floor and 1st Floor.

Mold Remediation Project

This 22,000 sq ft vacant structure sustained 3 major pipe freeze breaks in the winter placing 8" of standing water in the structure.

Residential Projects

Clarkston Castle Project

In January 2015 the Clarkston, Michigan landmark had 6 pipes freeze and burst on the 3rd floor of the home.