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Recording Studio Project

Due to a crack in the foundation of the exterior of the building a water intrusion occurred to this facility.

During the snow melt the water entered the building affecting 4,000 sq ft of the recording studio. The construction of the sound studio floor brought a few complex drying situations to the projects. The floor was installed using a specific innovative sound studio design. The concrete slab was covered with 6 mil visqueen, on top of the visqueen was batt insulation that was saturated.

The 2nd floor set on 4" pucks with OSB, then concrete, OSB covered by the final hardwood floor. To monitor the moisture levels small holes were drilled to apply 16' monitoring probes. Drying Chambers were built and a drying plan was put in place with the client to execute the drying of the studio. 10 days after the plan was executed the floor was certified dry.

Water Out had performed and dried another specialty project and another satisfied Water Out client.

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    10 Days

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