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Plumbers, Contractors, and Restoration Companies – Who Do You Call?

Posted by: Chris Laney on September 27, 2019

Plumbers, Contractors, and Restoration Companies – Who Do You Call?

When you own a home, or any property for that matter, chances are you will run into a situation when a professional is needed to fix or restore a problem. When this happens, what type of professional can you call? There are many different companies that advertise their ability to help with home repairs, but making sure you aren't being scammed or going to lose money is incredibly important.

When dealing with water damage, wasted time means wasted money. That's why it is so important to immediately find the right person for the job.

Typically, you will deal with a contractor, restoration company, or a plumber – and sometimes all three. What's the difference between these professionals, and when do you decide who to call in? Let's break it down.

What a Plumber Does

We all know we call a plumber when there's a burst pipe, something is leaking water, or we notice standing water in an area of our building. Plumbers are trained to find the source of a leak, the reason for the crack in the pipe, and fix the problem right away, preventing any additional damage from happening.

A plumber will not only stop the flow of water in the case of a leak, but will also unclog or unstop a blockage if that is the problem you're experiencing. Lack of water in the house could mean a main water pipe has burst, or that there is a major leak street side, leading to your home.

It is up to the professionals to find the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. Plumbers will typically use video and audio equipment to locate hidden leaks under floors and behind walls. Once the leak is located, it's time to stop the water flow and fix the pipe – cleaning up any standing water as they go.

What Does a Restoration Company Do?

A restoration company is typically called in after significant damage has been done to a structure due to water, fire, or other major events. A restoration company is hired to clean up the damage and protect the home and everything inside as much as possible, preventing any future damage from occurring. Services that restoration companies provide typically include:

  1. Water Damage Restoration
  2. Fire Damage Restoration
  3. Mold & Sewer Remediation
  4. Cleaning Services
  5. Commercial Building Restoration

Restoration companies will not repair a home. Restoration means that they will clean and remove the damage, but not do any construction work.

What does a Contractor Do?

Once a restoration company has cleaned up the damages, it's time for the contractor to begin the repairs. When you hire a general contractor, they are the ones responsible for rebuilding the areas of your home that were impacted by the damage. Services that you can expect from a contractor typically include:

  1. Replacing flooring
  2. Cabinet replacement
  3. Building drywall
  4. Roof repair
  5. Siding repair
  6. Replacement windows

When to Bring In Water Out Fort Wayne

If you live in the Fort Wayne area and experience water or fire damage, Water Out Fort Wayne is here to help. Business and homeowners have called on us for years – and know our restoration services are the best in town. The best thing about working with us is simple – we build relationships with many people in the industry. Plumbers know when to call us, and we know who to call when our portion of the restoration is complete.

We work with the best plumbing teams and contractors in the area. It's our mission to get you on with your life after the damage as quickly as possible, with as little inconvenience to you and your family or employees.

For more information, give us a call. We have an emergency response team standing by.

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