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How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Bathroom

Posted by: Chris Laney on July 11, 2019

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are prime real estate for mold. Mold thrives in areas of high humidity with regular water sources, and a bathroom is a breeding ground for mold spores. Nearly all homes have mold in their bathrooms, and while some is expected, when the problem because extensive it is time to bring in a professional mold remediation company like the team at Water Out Fort Wayne.

Before the problem reaches a critical standing, let's look at ways to prevent the mold from becoming a big issue in your bathroom.

6 Ways to Keep Mold from Your Bathroom

  1. Use a ventilation fan. Regardless if you are a renter or a homeowner, good ventilation is the key to keeping moisture levels low. Having a ventilation fan running when you take a shower or a bath will keep moisture from collecting on walls and shower curtains, which will keep mold from forming in these areas as well. A ventilation fan's main purpose is to pull the moisture from the air and expel it outside – away from your home.
  2. Run your fan regularly. Installing a ventilation fan is all fine and good, but in order for the fan to do its job, you must run it regularly. This means every time you shower or take a bath. After you have finished, keep the fan running for at least 30 minutes to ensure the moisture is fully gone.
  3. Use a squeegee to remove excess moisture from tile. After you've showered, wipe down the walls with a squeegee to reduce the moisture that sticks to your tiles. It may feel tedious, but this little bit of extra work can decrease the water in your bathroom by 75%.
  4. Never keep wet towels or rugs in your bathroom. These fabrics are breeding grounds for mold. Always hang towels or wash them immediately, and if a rug is wet – throw it in the dryer as well.
  5. Did you ever take a look at the shower poofs, sponges, or loofah that you use in the shower? Chances are you haven't dried these thoroughly. Most people don't think about these items as things that need to be dried after each shower, but they are some of the things that gather the most water of all. Properly wringing out each sponge or washcloth and hanging it in a dry place to dry after each use. If you ever notice that there is mold growth on an item, discard it immediately.
  6. Fix all plumbing leaks right away. Nearly all fixtures in the bathroom revolve around some type of plumbing. Check the connections regularly to make sure nothing is leaking and that there are no cracks in any pipes. If you notice water pooling or condensation, call in a plumber to look at the problem and fix the issue.

When to Bring in Water Out Fort Wayne

If you notice that mold has become a large issue in your bathroom, calling Water Out is your first step. Our mold remediation team understands what to look for and how to find the root of the problem. We will locate the cause of the water leak and repair this issue while we kill the mold spores and restore your home to normal.

Call us for more information and to schedule your walk through today.

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