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How to Handle a Black Mold Problem in Your Building

Posted by: Chris Laney on July 3, 2019

How to Handle a Black Mold Problem in Your Building

Black mold. The phrase is enough to send building owners into a panic. While mold isn't something to mess around with, finding mold does not mean your building needs to be demolished. Here are the steps you can take to treat the mold while you wait for a professional to handle the problem.

Steps to Remove Black Mold from Walls

  1. Step one in the mold removal process is to call in a mold remediation specialist like Water Out. While handling the mold problem yourself may seem like an easy task, it is not. Mold is a dangerous problem to have, and if not treated properly, can lead to future outbreaks and even illness for those living in the building.
  2. Once you have called in Water Out, begin by drying out the area where you spotted the mold problem. Mold thrives in a wet environment where humidity is high. If you take away the water and humidity, it will prevent mold from growing in the area.
  3. When you have removed the moisture from the area, seal off the room as best as possible. Contain the mold spores and prevent them from spreading. Remember, mold can spread quickly and easily.
  4. Keep out any pets or people. This goes along with sealing the area, but under no circumstances should any person or animal be permitted to go into the area with the mold. This is for their safety. It also prevents mold spores from collecting on their clothing, shoes, or fur and spreading to other areas of your building.

What to Expect During the Remediation Process

At Water Out, our IICRC-certified technicians strive to bring your building back to normal as quickly as possible. During our inspection process we thoroughly review all areas to locate the source of the mold problem. Once we have found the problem, we work with you and an air quality specialist to create an immediate plan of action that will bring your building up to safety standards.

We begin our mold removal process using the highest quality chemicals and cleaners, along with high powered HEPA vacuums and other cleaning products to remove all traces of mold and mold spores. We will also work to reconstruct any areas of the building that may need cosmetic repairs.

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