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Flood Houses – What they Are and How they Can Help You

Posted by: Chris Laney on September 13, 2019

Flood Houses – What they Are and How they Can Help You

Did you know that flooding causes $5 billion dollars in damage each year? Between heavy rain, burst pipes, and backed up sump pumps, flooding is a huge issue that home owners deal with on a regular basis.

When a flood hits, a good restoration company is necessary to come in and begin the clean up process. How do these companies stay on top of changing technologies and innovative techniques? Well, at Water Out Fort Wayne, we use Flood Houses.

A flood house is exactly what it sounds like – a home that is built specifically to flood and practice drying techniques! Water Out's main purpose is to dry and save as much of the customer's property as possible when we respond to a disaster. Flood houses give us a better understanding of techniques we can use to do just that.

The Set Up

Water Out Fort Wayne built our flood house directly on the grounds of our office and warehouse facility. It is a house, complete with carpeting, hardwood flooring, cabinets, dry wall, insulation, and personal belongings. We flood everything inside the house to simulate exactly what would happen during a real life flood.

The idea is to flood the home as if heavy rain had hit the property. That means that everything 2 to 4 feet down would need to be dried out or replaced.

During this exercise, our technicians at Water Out Fort Wayne can see exactly what is needed to dry out the materials and how long it would take to do so. Or, in a worst case scenario, when it's time to call it quits and remove the destroyed area and begin replacing that portion of the home.

Innovation in the Industry

The renovation industry is constantly evolving with new techniques and new equipment to make jobs easier and faster to complete. Flood houses are a great way to test new products before using them in the field of active homes. This allows us to utilize more eco friendly supplies in the restoration process.

At Water Out Fort Wayne, we stay ahead of the curve with our technology, especially with water damage restoration. Our teams are on call and ready to go at any time – day or night. We will quickly get your home back to normal with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Call us for more information on our water damage services offered throughout Fort Wayne and surrounding Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio areas or visit our website today.

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