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Basement Flooding? Learn How to Prevent Water Damage in the Lowest Level of your Home

Posted by: Chris Laney on April 23, 2019

Basement Flooding? Learn How to Prevent Water Damage in the Lowest Level of your Home

If you have ever experienced a flood or water damage in your home, you understand how stressful this disaster can be. Water in your basement can lead to a plethora of different issues, but it is not difficult to prevent flooding in your home from the bottom up!

Follow these seven steps to prevent a flooded basement and keep your home dry this spring season!

Seven Steps to Keep Your Basement Dry this Spring

  1. Inspect your foundation carefully. Cracks in the exterior of your foundation or basement walls can increase the chances of water drips in your basement. Regularly inspecting your foundation and floors and repairing any damage will keep the water outside – where it should be. If you notice cracks in the concrete, filling them with epoxy is a perfect fix. Keep an eye on the cracks, and if they increase in size call a professional.
  2. Install a sump pump or keep your current pump maintained. A sump pump is the machine in your home that keeps the water out of your basement and away from your home. When a sump pump fails, you can experience frequent basement floods. To prevent this issue, checking your sump pump on a regular basis is important. It's important to note that if your sump pump fail causes a flooded basement, your homeowners insurance may not cover the cost of repairs.
  3. Keeping your yard properly landscaped is another way of keeping water away from your home and out of your basement. When you look at your front and back yards do you notice any slopes or hills? If so, these could cause water issues down the road. If you notice a large slope headed towards your home, you will want to consider calling in a professional landscaping company to help you level out the land. A slope will allow water to roll directly against your home, causing increased chances of flooding.
  4. Clean and maintain your gutters. Proper maintenance of your home's gutters will prevent water from overflowing onto your roof. Your gutters are supposed to direct water at least three feet from your foundation. When debris starts to build up inside them, water drainage becomes impossible. Keeping the gutters clean and debris free. This includes removing leaves, sticks, animal droppings, and other debris to allow water to freely flow away from your roof.
  5. Install window well covers to prevent water from gathering against your foundation. Window well covers are an inexpensive solution to keeping water where it belongs – away from your home! These covers fasten securely over your basement windows and latch directly onto your home's foundation. The best part? They're clear – so natural light will still filter through.
  6. Keep your sewers and septic systems clean and clear. While this task is not the most glamorous of jobs, cleaning your septic tanks and checking your sewers for blockages, clogs, and backups can prevent a larger problem in the future.
  7. Check large trees growing in your yard for roots that could make their way towards or under your foundation. Once roots begin to burrow into your foundation, the cracks widen to allow groundwater to seep into your basement.

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Water damage can strike regardless of how hard we plan for the worst. Even following all of the above steps, the upcoming spring rain and summer weather can bring about stages of large rain and wind, which could result in flooding in your home.

If you experience water damage, the professionals at Water Out are here to help you remove the water, repair your home, and even work with your insurance company so you don't have to. Our water damage restoration team will find the source and repair the issue, keeping you informed each step of the way.

Our goal is to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible – let us help you if you experience flooding this spring!

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