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5 Ways to Identify Water Damage In Your Home

Posted by: Chris Laney on August 15, 2019

5 Ways to Identify Water Damage In Your Home

Finding water damage in your home can be an expensive discovery. Prevention and detecting the problem before it becomes a major issue will help keep down restoration costs and the time it takes to get your home back to normal.

Watch for These Signs of Water Damage

Water damage presents itself in a few different ways. When you know what to look for, you can get in front of the problem and stop it in its tracks.

  1. You've noticed a wet or musty smell in different areas of your home. You won't always see the water damage – sometimes you'll smell it as well. If there is a leak behind a wall or in an area hidden from sight, the smell of rotting wood or dampness may become evident. Take note of where you noticed this smell, and begin looking for other signs of water leaks.
  2. You've seen dark spots or mold stains on your walls. Mold and water marks on your walls, ceiling, or floors are a sign of ongoing water damage. Mold grows in areas with excess moisture and loves dark areas that are undisturbed. Pair this with a water spot near the area – it's time to call in a professional water damage company to help with the problem.
  3. You've noticed bowing or sagging in your walls or ceiling. Walls and ceilings are supposed to remain level and straight. If you notice that the walls are beginning to lean in or the ceiling has started to sag below normal levels, it could be due to water damage in the ceiling.
  4. You hear water dripping. In addition to seeing and smelling potential water damage, you can hear a leaky pipe or faucet, too!
  5. Standing water or excessive condensation has appeared. Have you noticed an increase in water in places like the bathroom or kitchen? How about random puddles (no matter how small) in other areas of the house? Don't disregard these issues – they could be the start of something much larger and need to be treated right away!

Call in Water Out and Treat Water Damage Now!

Water damage can lead to structural damage, mold, and ruin household items as well. If it remains untreated, water damage can even lead to health issues for those living in the home. Mold spores can be hazardous and cause respiratory issues and increase allergens.

At Water Out, we serve the Fort Wayne households and help you detect the problem, cleaning up the mess as we go. Our team will repair the leak and be 100% certain that your home is safe for everyday life.

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